Taking our first venture out of stealth,
The VectorField Co-Operative

Evolving work for hire

Announcing VectorField

Production Artists

Experience a new way to work, fully remote, your schedule, your terms.

VectorField For Artists
The VectorField Platform

Evolving Digital Production & Work For Hire

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Celebrity Talent

Enjoy fully managed digital production services with unparalleled cost savings and flexibility.

VectorField For Production

Evolving Work For Hire & Digital Content Production

Plenoptic Cognition develops technology solutions to support shift workers across industries.

We are dedicated to empowering shift workers through technology across industry sectors.
Leveraging Hollywood's cutting edge technology and combining it with novel technology solutions to empower new business models products and solutions for shift workers across industry sectors.

We currently developing The VectorField Co-Operative & Platform,
VectorField Evolves work for hire for artists and the process of digital content production.

Features Live Today

Cloud Native

VectorField is a fully remote, scalable, cloud-native technology product. our infrastructure solutions are fully customizable per our clients needs. Empowering them with their own dedicated studio infrastructure.

Feature-Film Quality

Our cloud-native studios leverage cutting edge Hollywood feature-film VFX pipelines and technology stacks to enable for highest quality digital content production.

Global Talent Pool

VectorField's Global Talent Pool pairs productions with artists directly.
Enabling for an affordable, global and elastic work force of industry vetted professionals of  production artists as well as AI/ML & Data Scientists.

Features In Development

Re-usable Assets

We eliminate waste from the digital production pipeline eliminating the practice of single use asset production.
All digital assets on VectorField are reusable enabling a royalties & reuse economy.

Alternative Model

VectorField promotes a transparent times & materials/cost plus accounting model for its productions. Budget accounting and our digital supply chain is fully managed on a blockchain transparently. Enabling for new royalties eco-systems for digital asset & data reuse.

Empowered by AI

VectorField leverages AI to harness its vast data collection and analytics mechanisms to both optimize and predict digital content production in a novel way.
Our studios digital content production pipelines are supercharged by AI technology fueled by our production data.