Announcing The VectorField Co-Operative Digital Content Production platform

Evolving work for hire & Digital Content Production for creative talent

VectorField is a Co-Operative Digital Content Production Platform.

We enable companies, brands, and talent alike to co-own the means of production directly with their production artists and directly interact with their communities and fans.

We evolve the concept of work for hire for digital artists in production and enable production artists in Animation/Game Dev and VFX to get paid for both their time, output, data all while sharing in the equity in the studios they work in.

VectorField's Eco-system of Co-operative studios and technology partners enables us to create an expansive royalty system for both content production through expansive asset reuse for both content and ML IP creation. We invite all of you to join us in our mission to build a more efficient, fair, and sustainable ecosystem for digital content production.

With VectorField we,

  • Provide all the required infrastructure support to spin up dedicated cutting edge DCC studios in the cloud to service production needs in a scalable and elastic pay as you go service.
  • Connect brands/companies/IP owners and celebrity talent directly with a global vetted talent pool of production artists in VFX/Game/Animation industries and data/machine learning scientists with to co-produce content with.
  • Develop a fully trust-less ecosystem where everyone can work transparently while enabling for new types of digital asset and data economies, evolving both work for hire and digital content production.

We firmly believe there is a better way for all of us to collectively organize and do work together in the 21st century.

Join us in this journey to evolve work for hire and digital content production.


"VectorField was born from a desire to empower artists with a better way to work in production."

Ido Banai, CEO/Founder